Evotherm on the Runway

May 04, 2015


Airports looking to pave or repave taxiways, aprons, or even runways are increasingly looking at warm mix asphalt. So far, 17 airports from Alaska to Florida have utilized – or are planning to use - Evotherm for their paving projects. Evotherm allows for excellent compaction at much lower temperatures. Better compaction means smoother pavement, which is especially important wherever airplanes are taxiing.

 Another important Evotherm benefit that airports find attractive is its capability for increased joint densities. Longitudinal joints often have a lower density than the rest of the pavement, which leads to cracking over time. Evotherm usage increase the joint density and improves the asphalt pavement life cycle.

Airports with completed Evotherm WMA paving projects include:

Author: Lance Brooks