Evotherm on India’s State Hwy 5

Apr 26, 2011

Evotherm was used on a one kilometer trial stretch on State Highway 5 north of Godhra, India. Ambient air temperature started at 34 °C and reached 42 °C. During production, a significant reduction in the burner opening (around 50% with HMA to 15% with Evotherm) was observed, indicating substantially lower fuel consumption. Larson &Toubro’s field engineer commented on how well the Evotherm was holding temperature more steadily and allowing more uniform compaction of the mat. He saw the opportunity for Evotherm technology to address problems of handling “cold” hot mix due to paver breakdowns. Better adhesion between the binder and aggregate was observed and the surface texture looked better than the HMA section. Pictures and video are forthcoming and will be featured in a follow-up post.

Author: Tejash Gandhi