Evotherm approved as LAS in Arkansas

Jan 30, 2012

Our 2 Evotherm 3G products are approved anti-strips in Arkansas. This saves money in mix designs that require an anti-strip. Evotherm WMA gives these mixes the adhesion promoter needed along with superior warm mix asphalt benefits such as lower production temperatures, longer hauls, and improved compaction. Better coating of the aggregate can often reduce the amount of asphalt needed by 0.1%-0.3% which can be a substantial saving these days.


Both Evotherm J1 and Evotherm M1 are on Arkansas' qualified products list. They join four other MWV adhesion promotors: Morlife 300,  Morlife 2200, Morlife 3300, and PaveBond Lite.

Author: Heather Dolan