Chicago’s “Green Mile”

Nov 21, 2011

In May Evotherm was part of a "Green Grinder". Now we're part of Chicago's "Green Mile". Reliable Asphalt, along with The City of Chicago and  S.T.A.T.E. Testing , used Evotherm to pave the City’s new “Green Mile”.  The goal is to have the most environmentally friendly roadway as possible, from high-reflective concrete to reflect radiant energy (urban island effect) and stormwater management. According to Janet Attarian, project director for Chicago DOT's Streetscape and Sustainable Design Program, "It's the greenest asphalt ever made."

The mixes incorporated a high percentage of fractionated recycled asphalt pavement (FRAP), high slag content RAP, recycled asphalt shingles (RAS), and/or ground tire rubber (GTR). All the designs were produced at temperatures 50-60 F lower than conventional hot mix asphalt with the addition of Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology. The bottom lift was a 4.75-mm layer over milling. A 9.5mm N90 mix overlays that. The Green Mile is located on Cermak Road on the City’s south side. Mix was monitored by both Quality Control and Quality Assurance and showed passing results for all volumetric properties. 

P.S.  Call it what you will, coincidence or extra motivation/excitement about paving green, but the Chicago Blackhawks won their first shootout of the season the same day the Evotherm WMA paving was done!


Author: Jason Mapes