“Bring me some more Evotherm”

May 24, 2011

Jim Smith Contracting marked a milestone by running Evotherm warm mix on all their jobs last Thrusday. After meetings on Wednesday with their customers to share the benefits and advantages of Evotherm, the next day Jim Smith ran Evotherm in all mixtures out of their Grand Rivers, KY plant. Ambient temperatures were 58 F with overcast skies. A PG 64-22 binder containing 12% RAP was used on all five mixtures. Evotherm production started between 265-275F. A temporary pump and tank system injected Evotherm while they unloaded an AC transport. By 8:30am, 1,000 mix tons had been produced at 255-265 F. As a comparison, HMA was produced the day before at 310-320 F.

We traveled to the Hwy. 58 Project in Harvey, KY. After the hour haul, the asphalt was 235 F behind the screed. By 10am, foreman Rick and his crew paved over 500 tons putting down a 1-1.25” mat, rolling some areas at 190-200 F. They really liked the easier compaction, cooler temperatures, “laying and rolling slick”, and quick return to traffic.

Back at the plant, they produced 2,300 tons by noon. The burner was at 37% compared to 55% on HMA – a reduction of 33%. Multiple projects used Evotherm mix that day: 3 KYTC, 2 County Projects, and 5-6 FOB Projects. Hauls were up to 1.5 hours. Densities improved by up to 5 percentage points. One FOB customer said  “bring me some more Evotherm”. After the weather clears this week, the I-24 3” base mixture will start (25,000 tons). Encouraged by their customers’ responses, Jim Smith plans to incorporate Evotherm into all of their plants.


Author: Lance Brooks