Bexar County, TX is all WMA in 2012

Feb 28, 2012

Next time you are in San Antonio, Texas, or the surrounding areas, be on the lookout for paving jobs because all of them will be using warm mix asphalt. From their press release, "Based on exceptional results from a pilot project in 2011, the Bexar Couny Public Works Department will start using warm mix asphalt for all capital projects it will advertise this year." Bexar County highlights specific benefits of warm mix asphalt that they value including:

  • Low temperature placement
  • 30 percent savings on fuel
  • Reduction in emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Increased compaction of the asphalt
  • Longer product life 
  • Greater safety for public works employees due to decreased worker fatigue from the use of cooler temperatures in the material.

Bexar County feels that the exclusive use of warm mix asphalt design techniques is not only the environmentally correct method to use, but it will ensure a superior product for taxpayers and a better work environment for contractors and inspectors.

“I have long been the Commissioners Court’s advocate for energy savings and green infrastructure,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Tommy Adkisson said. “I’m proud to say that warm mix asphalt was first used in my precinct, and I hope we encourage other local governments to follow suit.”


Author: Heather Dolan with credit to Bexar County