Warm on I-240 Exit Ramp

Aug 14, 2013

APAC Memphis chose Evotherm to pave an I-240 exit ramp starting at Airways Boulevard. Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions blended Evotherm into the PG76-22 binder at their terminal. The mix design used was a TN 411-D 75 blow Marshall 12.5mm surface design with 15% recycled asphalt pavment.

This starting
position of the interstate ramp required a lot of hand work, backing up the paver, and
starting and stopping.  Because milling and tack coat had to be completed before paving
started, the mix trucks ocassionally waited at the job site before delivering their load.  Even with the longer haul time, resulting lower temperatures, and highly
modified binder, the mix was still able to be laid and made for a good looking

Overall, the Evotherm provided a polymer modified mix that could be placed,
looted/shoveled, and compacted at temperatures of 100°F cooler than the
standard HMA temperatures.