All WMA for Illinois Tollway

Sep 26, 2011

Congratulations to the Illinois Tollway for embracing the many benefits of warm mix asphalt. The Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association recently announced that the Illinois Tollway is moving "full speed ahead" with WMA as a specified preference, not as a contractor option, over traditional hot mix asphalt.

The Tollway plans to convert all massive production of 2012 overlays to WMA. The first bids will be advertised as early as next month. Writes Steven Gillen, Illinois Tollway materials manager, "WMA will be specified wherever massive production is designed (more than 500,000 tons of it for next year) for interstate overlays and new full depth pavements."

Shameless plug…What warm mix technology works great in Illinois and is also an Illinois-approved anti-strip? Drop us a line at mailto://[email protected] and we'll let you know. If you are skeptical, here are some pictures from paving last year during testing by the Tollway Authority and the Illinois Center for Transportation with Geneva Construction.


 Author: Jason Mapes