Achieving 50% RAP

Jun 18, 2013

Asphalt Contractor documented NB West's success using Evotherm to achieve 50% RAP in their June issue. Technical manager Steve Jackson, PE, foresees "…using more RAP in asphalt pavements will provide a more economical way to meet the growing demands for infrastructure rehabilitation and improvement. In the long term, I think that a 100% recycled asphalt pavement that does not require heat is achieveable."

Here are some tips for high RAP mixes from start to finish:

  • Milling: maintain a consistent feed and screen millings to minimize the amount of generated dust
  • Fractionating: use more fractions of aggregates to improve control of the mix
  • Stockpiling: stockpile materials on a sloped area so that water can drain out of the stockpiles
  • Production: utilizing Evotherm reduces production temperatures of high RAP mixes, saving burner fuel and wear on the plant; configure your plant components such as RAP collars, drum flights, and even conveyor belt inclines, for success

Jackson adds, "At the plant, we save burner fuel and wear on the plant. Using warm mix is essential for producing the most economical high RAP mixes….In addition to reducing heat-related damage to your plant, using warm mix with a high RAP content helps combat stiff binders. You're not heating the virgin or reclaimed binder as much."

Grab your June issue of Asphalt Contractor to get read all the details. For more information on how Evotherm can help you achieve high RAP mixes, contact your Evotherm technical marketing manager or mailto://[email protected].

Source: Asphalt Contractor