Words matter in effective leadership

Mar 21, 2018

As a leader, what you say has tremendous power and can be the difference between good leadership and bad leadership. Being a leader is committing to the growth and development of the organization you serve and what better way to express that commitment than through supportive reassurance and genuine words of affirmation. Simple and sincere words can help leaders instill confidence and trust within their team, all while inspiring them to do and be better.

What types of phrases can help you connect with others? “I’m for you,” “I trust you” and “I appreciate you” are three examples leaders can incorporate into their vocabulary to remind others they are supported and worthy, regardless of what issues may be at hand. By using phrases like these members are reminded they’re valuable, capable and an important part of the team’s success.

Why should you care? Effective leadership comes down to simply understanding people. Knowing how words and phrases can impact those you serve will help inspire others to meet their true success.

Learn more about how your words can help develop people and make work a place that’s energetic and exciting!