The best way to offer an opinion on anything

Sep 28, 2018

We’re all aware of the common mantra, “think before you speak,” but there are other ways to ensure your opinion is being heard and respected throughout the workplace.  Although sometimes unsolicited opinions can occur, it’s standard for leaders to be asked to give an opinion on various matters throughout the day. Whether you’re offering your view on specific day-to-day affairs or broader concerns, there are effective ways to give your opinion in a productive and positive way so your coworkers will value what you’re trying to say.

These principles include making sure the situation warrants an opinion, asking yourself if you’re the right person to offer the opinion, making sure you have all the facts and listening politely.

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Why should you care?

Everyone has their own ways of expressing their opinions and we all have something to say, but finding ways to say it effectively is half the battle.