Sustainability initiatives grow globally

Nov 30, 2018

Around the world there is growing interest in sustainability – the idea of businesses and individuals taking more responsibility for their impact on the environment and society. Many chemical companies are realizing the value this type of transparency provides for its customers, and beginning to share environmental information publicly.

The Union of the Independent European Lubricants Industry recently announced the formation of a sustainability task force that will commence in January 2019. This group will be responsible for developing a framework to measure the sustainability of lubricant companies and define requirements that the European Union is already introducing to the industry.

“Many stakeholders to our industry still think of it as black, dirty and ugly,” said Apu Gosalia, chairman of the task force, when he announced the initiative at UEIL last month. “This is not the case. We reduce more CO2 with our products in their use phase than we actually produce in making them.” This message needs to reach young people in particular if the industry is to attract the best talents in the future, he said, as the next generation expects different things from employers than in the past.

Ingevity published its inaugural sustainability report this Fall which provides an overview of our sustainability initiative, our framework of management practices and our past performance results for the material issues under each of our four pillars of sustainability. The report also includes our current management systems and future objectives for our economic, environmental and social standards. We hope you’ll take a look and learn more about this company-wide initiative here.