REACH remains a major market driver

Jul 31, 2019

Despite the passing of the last registration deadline, REACH is still a major driver of business in the chemical industry. Adopted by the Europen Union to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, the regulation’s final registration deadline took place in May 2018, and key tasks remain today.

In a recent survey conducted by Chemical Watch, 83% of respondents placed any aspect of REACH at the top of their list for regulatory drivers. US TSCA New Substance Notifications and California Proposition 65 followed close behind as other top drivers.

“REACH has certainly been transformative. While it has moved into more of a maintenance mode, many enforcement activities and a focus to improve data quality keep this registration front and center.”

-Alex Ortiz, vice president of global regulatory content at Verisk 3E

Chemical Watch’s industry benchmark is a tool to better understand the current market drivers and conditions. Read the full report here.

Why should you care?

Although REACH is a European Union-level regulation, companies outside of the region can also be affected. To remain competitive in the global economy, organizations in other parts of the world must steps to align their regulations with REACH.