Maintaining lubricants quality throughout the supply chain

Sep 28, 2018

Delivering lubricants is a complex process involving multiple levels of the supply chain. This means the customers, lubricant manufacturers, raw materials and component suppliers, intermediaries and various types of equipment, processes and activities must all be aligned in order to produce and deliver consistent products.

According to Michael Roe, STLE member and lubricants consultant, “the quality of lubricant handling is only as good as the training, knowledge and experience of each of the persons involved in every step of this chain.” In order to ensure end-to-end quality control, management and employees must use standard procedures while monitoring the effectiveness of the production and delivery process.

To learn more about quality objectives within the lubricants supply chain, read this article from a recent STLE webinar conducted by Mr. Roe.

Why should you care?

Understanding what goes on throughout the lubricants delivery process will help you better serve your customers with quality products and avoid potholes in the long, complex road from raw materials to customer delivery.