How teams should make decisions

Mar 31, 2021

Decision-making, problem-solving and creativity in general can be a constantly evolving process. As a leader, it’s vital to make sure that your team feels their ideas are being heard and everyone feels motivated behind the idea chosen even when they may disagree. As we all have heard the common cliché of “two heads are better than one,” research supports the notion that decisions are better made and implemented within teams.

The workplace requires that employees make solid decisions, and some companies rely on the power of teamwork to generate new ideas and foster sound decisions by working through differences of opinion to arrive at the best possible course of action. While decisions are almost always greater made by teams, there are also certain impediments that can affect the overall success.

According to Author David Burkus, following the four stages below will ensure your team gets more of the excellence that happens from having multiple brains on a problem:

  • Find the real problem
  • Analyze the data
  • Generate possible solutions
  • Select for commitment, not consensus

Explore this concept further and discovery how teams can better make decisions in his recent post.

Why should I care?

Incorporating some of these decision-making techniques can help your team make some of the best decisions they have ever made and have some even bigger wins.