Faces of Lubricants: Caitlin Ramsey

Jun 27, 2019

As marketing communications coordinator, Caitlin Ramsey helps support profitable sales across Ingevity’s business units. She’s responsible for connecting Ingevity products and offerings to external audiences through various communication tactics. From writing technical content, to planning trade shows, to assisting with product launches, and much more, Caitlin’s flexible role requires her to wear many hats. She joined the team over a year ago from a boutique marketing agency. In her previous role, she worked as an account executive for more than 30 clients across multiple industries. Caitlin received her bachelor’s degree in public relations from The University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and has been living in Charleston for the last eight years. She loves meeting new people and is always eager to learn. Her project management experience, writing abilities and interpersonal skills have made her a great addition to the team.

Tell us about the experience you bring to your role and what you do at Ingevity.

Prior to joining Ingevity, I spent most of my career at a boutique marketing agency that provided services to a variety of businesses in different industries. I worked closely with clients to build ad campaigns, design websites, plan events and write articles. Although I don’t come from a chemical or manufacturing background, I think my ability to see things differently offers a unique perspective to the work we do here at Ingevity.

What’s your idea of happiness?

A balance between working hard, enjoying life and making a difference.

Where would you like to live?

I absolutely love living in Charleston, but have always envisioned Austin, Texas or San Diego, California as runner-up places to live. I enjoy the slower pace of life in these cities and am happiest anywhere near the water.

What’s a hobby you’d like to begin?

Metalworking! I’ve always been crafty and enjoyed making jewelry when I was younger. I’m eager to take classes and learn about the equipment and techniques.

What’s your dream vacation?

Traveling is something I value greatly and there are tons of places still on my bucket list. At this point, my dream vacation would be a wildlife safari in South Africa.

Name one thing about your work that gets you out of bed in the morning.

I absolutely love the company culture at Ingevity. Coming from a small company, I was surprised to see how close-knit and personable everyone is at such a big company. In my role, I get to interact with people in various roles spanning across different business units and enjoy collaborating with such a diverse group.

What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

Seeing live music, traveling and spending time outdoors are a few of my favorite things. I also love yoga, running and anything else active.

What is your life motto?

Always leave things better than how you found them. No matter the interaction, be a positive force to people and experiences you encounter.

What is special about where you grew up?

Growing up in Florida gave me the appreciation of living by the ocean. My family still lives in St. Augustine, so I value being a car ride away from them.

Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

I’m an infamous planner amongst friends and family. It’s a blessing and a curse, as I am constantly coordinating social gatherings, future travels or some reason to celebrate!

What natural talent would you like to have?

To be musically-inclined. I’ve always admired people who have a natural ability to play instruments and wish I would have picked up this hobby early on in life.