Driving growth is a relentless daily pursuit

Jul 31, 2018

Driving growth within a business is more than an initiative. It’s a mindset. One that requires an unwavering focus on the key elements that drive a company’s success day after day. Growth and success go hand in hand—and it’s important to ensure your team is onboard with that philosophy.

In a recent interview with McKinsey & Company, Kevin Kumler, president of health systems at Zocdoc, outlined how he more than doubled the company’s business after coming on as president. “When we come to work in the morning, we know we have to grow today or we’re not going to succeed,” said Kumler.

Simply put, you must constantly evolve and grow in order to truly succeed. According to Kumler, there are a few driving factors of growth. These requirements include:

  • qualitative and quantitative understanding of metrics to allocate resources;
  • willingness to accept slower short-term rates to realize faster ones down the road; and
  • daily, laser- like focus on performance.

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Why should you care?

Everyone wants to succeed! In order to not get complacent and accelerate personal and professional success, these tips will help you and your company grow.