China 6 standards change vehicle landscape

Jul 31, 2018

China has been the world’s largest new vehicle market since 2009. New vehicle sales exceeded 28 million in 2017, among which more than 87% were light-duty vehicles (LDVs). In order to reduce emissions and control air pollution, China adopted the China 6 emissions standard for LDVs that will be implemented in two phases (China 6a in 2020 and China 6b in 2023).

The introduction of the China 6 emission standard in 2020 is expected to push lubricant formulations to cater to a diverse range of engines. This significant challenge to equipment manufacturers will continue to drive change within the industry. For example, China 6 may lead to widespread use of gasoline particulate filters in passenger cars. On the other hand, there will be an increase in usage of diesel particulate filters, and regulations will require a reduction in fuel consumption in commercial vehicles.

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Why should you care?

As China’s demand for higher quality lubricants increases to meet the needs of these diverse range of new engine hardware, the rest of the market will likely follow suit.