Attributes of champion lubricants plants

Apr 05, 2019

For more than 25 years, the PIMS® Global Lubricants and Greases Supply Chain Benchmarking has provided lubricants and greases manufacturers with recommendations to improve their competitive position based on objective evidence. PIMS recently released the key attributes of American champion plants that enable them to have the upper hand versus competition.

This industry report takes the multitude of challenges lubricant manufacturers are facing and analyzes how champion plants set themselves up for success. From plant productivity to general operations, suggestions are included as to how plants can be more efficient in the long run.

According to PIMS, champion plants produce and fill finished lubricants in larger batches than their peers. Their streamlined supply chain efforts and well-managed downtime majorly boost productivity. For more recommendations, check out the article from Lubes Magazine here.

Why should you care?

With increasing market saturation, these suggestions can help manufactures determine how to stand out from the noise.