ACC adopts first six sustainability metrics

Jun 27, 2019

The American Chemical Council (ACC) recently adopted its first six sustainability metrics at the groups annual meeting earlier this month. Intended to capture and quantify the industry progress on sustainability, the metrics include:

-community engagement and empowerment,

-greenhouse gas impact,

-air quality,

-energy efficiency and energy diversity,

-diversity and inclusion; and

-responsible management of hazardous waste.

These metrics are the foundation of the chemistry industry’s contributions to advancing global sustainability. The group plans to adopt a second set of metrics at its fall meeting. To learn more about how sustainability is a driving factor in corporate responsibility, read the recent Chemical Week article here.

Did you know, at Ingevity we integrate responsible economic, environmental and social principles into our global business strategy and decision making? Learn more about Ingevity’s sustainability initiative or read the report here.

Why should you care?

Sustainability links the entire chemical industry regardless of company or area of focus. It’s an effort that we support for the environment and a great opportunity for companies to hold themselves accountable and be a part of the solution.