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A lot of metalworking is done in the presence of water - which can lead to corrosion if the right additives aren't used. One function of Ingevity's corrosion inhibitors is to protect metal surfaces by providing a film barrier. Our multifunctional flagship corrosion inhibitor, Diacid 1550, has been protecting metal for over 30 years.


Diacid 1550 A multifaceted dicarboxylic acid (diacid) that is ideal for co-emulsification, corrosion inhibition and lubrication in soluble, semisynthetic and synthetic oils.

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Learn more about our corrosion inhibitors by downloading the following materials.

Diacid Decision Tree A Diacid 1550 formulation guide.

Diacid One Pager A head-to-head comparison of Diacid and competing products, and technical information about Diacid 1550’s multifaceted properties.


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