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Ingevity canister solutions meet global regulations and customer demands through:

High Gasoline Working Capacity

Nuchar® carbons have maximum porosity in the critical size range for fuel vapors, which provides the highest working capacity and low retention after purge. The result? Smaller, more efficient canister designs.

Low Density

Nuchar® activated carbons are wood-based and have a volumetric weight 30 to 40 percent lower than other base materials, which saves money and reduces the canister’s weight.


To meet automotive industry and regulatory standards, activated carbon must retain its adsorptive and desorptive characteristics for the life of the vehicle. We’ve met these requirements – for more than 1 billion canisters worldwide to date.

Low Diurnal Emissions

Ever tightening regulations are driving the need to consistently reduce emissions from purged canister systems. Our activated carbon products are engineered to purge more efficiently, resulting in lower diffusional (bleed) emissions during diurnal cycling.

Low Flow Restriction

Our shaped and granular activated carbons come in a range of sizes so you can design canisters to achieve optimum flow characteristics. Low dust content and reliable particle size control optimize flow restriction, which ensures consistent performance over the life of the vehicle.


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