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How can you extend the life of your pavement, combining the durability of a sealer with the frictional and environmental characteristics your roadways and parking lots need? Specialty sealants offer a fast and economical maintenance solution by returning traffic to projects within hours of the initial application. Additionally, they offer a very dark surface, providing great contrast to pavement markings.

Specialty sealants are a cost effective maintenance treatment intended to address the following issues before they become major road distressors:

  • Oxidation
  • Raveling
  • Loss of surface residue
Capabilities & Services

We take pride in sharing best practices in order to drive quality into formulations. We provide production strategies for both assets and processes. Our technical personnel are at the ready to support your team from mix design and lab testing, all the way to product application.


Onyx, designed for roadways, is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, increased levels of aggregates, recycled materials, polymers and catalysts created to maximize frictional characteristics by improving micro texture on the pavement surface. Onyx is a cleaner asphalt technology that does not contain coal tar.

Axys, designed for parking lots, is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregate, polymers and catalysts. It utilizes several formulas:

  • Axys C1 M3: for rapid dry times
  • Axys C2: for hot weather conditions
  • Axys eH: for easy handling without aggregate; for higher temperature pavements
  • Axys eC: for easy handling without aggregate; for cooler temperature pavements
Manufacturers & Applicators

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Case Studies & Testimonials
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