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Seed treatments, the application of biological, physical and chemical agents and techniques to seeds, help ensure healthier crops from their earliest growth stage, reduce yield losses during cultivation, and enhance the agronomic and nutritional value of produce.

Seed coating, the process of applying the treatment to the seed, includes additives such as binders to ensure the treatment adheres to the seed. The formula for seed coating typically includes an aqueous carrier, a colorant dispersed or dissolved in the carrier, and the active pesticide ingredient and or growth-enhancing ingredient. Dispersants are used to form pigment dispersion or a mill base when a water insoluble pigment is used. If the active ingredient is not water soluble, the seed treatment formulation resembles a suspension concentrate but more highly concentrated. To maintain a stable dispersion in a high concentration of water insoluble ingredient, count on Ingevity's premium dispersants.

We have several products specifically designed to enable a high affinity for the surface of the particle and a high level of steric repulsion due to a high degree of structural branching.


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