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Crop protection formulations are highly engineered, regulated and available in liquids and solids. And, each distinct formulation requires its own unique dispersion chemistry. That’s why Ingevity offers an array of dispersant products - tailored to the needs of your specific formulation.

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In lignosulfonate dispersants, the degree of sulfonation influences the strength of adsorption to the surface of the active ingredient. Degree of sulfonation is defined as the moles of sulfonate per kilogram of salt-free lignosulfonate; or, the amount of sulfonate chemically bonded to the lignin. A lower degree of sulfonation makes the lignosulfonate less water soluble, giving it a higher affinity for a hydrophobic surface, such as the surface of an active ingredient in a suspension concentrate.

Suspension Concentrates

In a suspension concentrate, a hydrophobic active ingredient is suspended in an aqueous liquid, demanding much more from the dispersant. The most important performance factor influencing the dispersing agent is how well it absorbs to the surface of the active ingredients in solution.

Water Dispersible Granules and Wettable Powders

In water dispersible granules (WDG) and wettable powders (WP), both disintegration rate and suspension of disintegrated product are important. Products with a low degree of sulfonation have strong suspension properties but are slower to disintegrate than those with a higher degree of sulfonation. That means WDG and WP applications require a slightly higher degree of sulfonation that provides surface adsorption (dispersion) as well as more balanced, faster disintegration rates.

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Our lignosulfonates are anionic, highly branched dispersants and provide both electrostatic and steric stabilization dispersion mechanisms. Other dispersants, like naphthalene sulfonates, provide dominantly only electrostatic stabilization due to their more planar chemical structure. In highly concentrated solutions, such as suspension concentrates, the electrostatic repulsion mechanism is weak due to the particles' proximity and the steric dispersion mechanism, the primary mechanism by which the seed treatment/coating is stabilized.


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