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Adjuvants, used to improve the performance of agricultural pesticides, are generally organized in two categories: formulation adjuvants present "in can" when purchased by the dealer or grower and tank mix adjuvants added along with the formulated pesticide to a carrier, like water. Pesticides used on crops, weeds, or insect pests often contain both formulation and spray adjuvants.

Enhance the performance of your pesticide.

Your crops need strong protection. You need a product that’s safe to apply and safe for consumers. Our array of adjuvants - from emulsifiers to solvents - safely strengthens and enhances your pesticide.


Altapyne® L-5 is used primarily in glyphosate formulations as an adjuvant additive to fight weeds. To protect themselves, weeds release a "waxy" coating on their leaves, making it difficult for pesticides to penetrate them. To override the weeds’ waxy coating, add a penetrant adjuvant, like mineral oil, methylated soy or other oil to the glyphosate. To be compatible with the glyphosate, the oils must be emulsified in water. To achieve emulsification, add emulsification surfactants and TOFA.

Our Altapyne tall oil products are USDA BioPreferred Certified. 

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If you're looking to add rainfastness to your formulation, we have you covered. Our Altastick™ family of stickers is the newest addition to our adjuvants product line. Altastick R is a sticker providing you flexibility to formulate a product specific to your needs. Altastick HG is a ready-to-use sticker-spreader formulation. 

To request a Product Data Bulletin (PDB) for one of our products please use the links below. 


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