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Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs), like tapes and labels, are part of our everyday lives. They’re in our homes, cars, electronics–you name it. Sometimes they’re obvious, like a shipping label on box. Other times, they’re practically unnoticeable, like the adhesives in our smart phones. Whether we notice a HMPSA or not, one thing is for certain; it has to stick. Ingevity’s wide range of tackifiers–including rosin resins, terpene resins, and water-borne dispersions–allow adhesive formulators the latitude they need for their toughest applications.

With a dedicated adhesives product development and applications lab, we’re here to support you in your next sticky project.

Capabilities & Services
  • Focused market approach
  • Advanced analytics
  • Formulation development and application testing
  • New product innovation

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Rosin Resins


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