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Product Development, Industrial Specialties

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Eric Olivier

Product Development, Industrial Specialties

I love the problem-solving aspect of my job. I see where customers’ challenges are – and align our technical capabilities to help them.

With Ingevity since: 2011
Hometown: Charleston, S.C.
Resides: West Ashley: Charleston, S.C.
Family: Wife: Erica

Meet Eric

Before I joined Ingevity, I taught high school physics. My experience in the classroom still informs what I do. I spend about half of my time in the lubricants lab – and the other half talking to customers. The way we help our customers has changed. For years, we sold product without really knowing how our customers were using it. Now, we’re asking them what they need and what their goals are, so we can develop customized solutions.

The work is challenging – and rewarding. The raw materials we use come from the pine tree and go into products that are used by packaging, manufacturing and transportation customers around the world. It’s incredible, because we work with trees planted 20 years ago – specifically for this purpose.

Personally, I’m fortunate to live and work in a great community. I volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, and Metanoia. In my free time, I play competitive ultimate Frisbee. My team travels twice a month and has competed in Denver, Colo., Santa Cruz, Calif., and Dallas, Texas.

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