Connecting The DOTs. What’s next?

Fall 2017: Stay tuned 

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What is Connecting the DOTs?

Tight agency budgets limiting your travel to professional development opportunities? Yet you can’t afford to miss out on new developments that occur across the country. So Ingevity brings innovation to your office in the form of a forum where you can learn, ask and share in order to feel confident in choosing technologies that your State may not have traditionally used.

Connecting the DOTs is a webinar series that provides Department of Transportation (DOT) personnel with a platform to share their experiences and successes with the newest developments in pavement technologies. Our goal with this web-based lunch-and-learn initiative is to provide a setting where agency personnel can collaborate and benefit from the experiences of their peers.



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Stay tuned for more updates as Ingevity’s Pavement Technologies team continues to help agencies across the U.S. connect the technology dots!